partnering with oil and gas producers to be a part of the energy production of tomorrow.

You are sitting on an untapped resource that can be used in a Gas To Grid Micro Power Plant to power well operations, site operations, or even sell back to an electric utility.

Gas To Grid does this in three ways:

With a cost of operation as low as one third of the average electric utility, a Gas To Grid Micro Plant puts your investment to work and offsets gas ventilation fines all while participating in the electrification of things.

Own & Operate

Purchase your own Gas To Grid Micro Plant – self-directed or turnkey

Lease a Gas To Grid System

Enjoy well gas mitigation while differing utility costs

Avoid Gas Venting Fines

Gas To Grid uses excess well-head gas to connect to the existing electric grid

By using a Micro Plant from Gas To Grid, you are creating additional revenue streams from even your non-producing wells.

Stand alone or electric grid tie systems allow you to choose how a Gas To grid Micro Plant system best serves you.

Product Features

At the core of our solution is the Gas To Grid Micro Plant.

Converts Unusable Gas To Electric Power.

This user-friendly power plant connects to existing wells to produce power for anything in the field – operations, base camps, or utility grid tie systems. Using gas that is normally unusable due to quantity or location, the Gas To Grid Micro Plant converts this gas to electric power.

Zero Emissions Reduction System.

Our new Gas To Zero Emissions Reduction System takes what small amount of exhaust gas may be present and cleans it to zero, for less than any other system available today. Gas to Zero is a path to a cleaner planet and total vent gas mitigation. 


Sound is also important to the environment so that’s why Gas to Grid Micro Plants have an optional ultra-sound attenuated enclosure. This enclosure can house your GTG system for ultra-low sound requirements making wells in residential or other environmental sensitive areas usable for electric production.

Power Plant

Each plant produces up to 25kW of electricity, which is perfect for most small to medium producers. With low acquisition cost, ease of use and simple operation, the Gas To Grid Micro Plant will give you a new reason to capture well head gas. The system can capture almost any quantity and turn it into new profits. 


Remote monitoring is a must, get a full information suite about your Gas To Grid Micro Plant or Plants right at your fingertips. Monitoring gives you instant feedback on power production, engine runtime and location. See how much power your GTG Micro Plant produced today, last week, or last month with just a few clicks from anywhere in the world!

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